Where do the G codes populate?

Functional Limitation G Codes

In Touch EMR is set up to report Functional Limitation G Codes on to a patient claim, based on your functional limitation selections during the Objective documentation section.

The Objectve section will automatically load a Functional Limitation section to your custom template.

Step 1: To load your custom template, click on the template name within the Library.

Step 2: To report G Codes, select the Functional Limitation section from the menu.

Step 3: Choose your functional limitation from the drop down menu.

Based on your functional limitation selection, certain G Codes will report on your CMS 1500 Claim automatically for that particular patient encounter.

Complete the Supporting Evidence section, and click “Save” when you are done.

Please note that impairment rating is mandatory. Make sure to not forget it to avoid the Objective section from not saving.

To rate the impairment rating

1. Click on ‘Impairment Rating’
2. Choose between 0%-100% rating under the current status. Click on what ‘s applicable.
3. Choose between 0%-100% rating under the goal. Click on what ‘s applicable.
4. Click on the ‘Save’ button when done rating the impairment.

Progressive documentation and G Code reporting

In Touch EMR uses progressive documentation to help save you time while documenting a patient encounter. This means that previously entered data from subsequent evals or notes will appear when you start a new note for the same patient.

Functional G Codes are only required to be reported on every 10th visit or on a Re Evaluation.

To remove G codes from the billing tab when doing daily notes, go to the Objective section and deselect your choice from the Funcional Limitation tab. This will clear out the G codes. You will need to hit the “Refresh” button once you get back to the billing tab to refresh the screen