What is visible from the Dashboard page?

The In Touch EMR Dashboard

Control Center – Productivity

The In Touch EMR Dashboard will show you the following information under Productivity tab:

1. Name of Provider – You can toggle from a specific provider or view all providers. 
2. Upcoming Appointments
3. Document in Progress
4. Documents for Review – If there are any users that you have set up with for Rendering Provider Authentication. They will not be able to finalize their documentations. It must be reviewed first by the clinician before it is finalized. 
5. Completed Documents
6. Finalized Documents – All the documents for review that has been finalized by the clinician will show on the finalized documents. 
7. Amendments – All the documents that has been amended will show on the Amendments section.

Note: The Productivity and Alerts can be customized by going to Administration tab of your In Touch EMR.

Visit the knowledge base article associated with the Administration training.

Upcoming Appointment from the Dashboard’s control center will now show the number of appointments that you have for the day.

Modification of rows under ‘Documents for Review’. The new and improved ‘Documents for Review’ now shows the following fields:

Document Title – The type of document – this is a clickable field and it takes the user directly to that document
Date of Service – The appointment date and time
Date of Submission – The date and time the document was submitted for review. This is generally after the date of service
Patient Name – This is also a clickable field and takes the user to the patient dashboard
Assigned Clinician – This is the clinician to whom the appointment was originally assigned. This is NOT the clinician to whom the document has been submitted for review

Control Center – Alerts Tab

The In Touch EMR Dashboard also gives you the following tools to assist your clinic. These can found under Alerts tab:

8. Referral Predictor*
9. Productivity Predictor*
10. Upcoming Birthdays
11. Expiring Prescriptions
12. Expired Prescriptions
13. Progress Note Countdown
14 . Expired Progress notes

Referral Predictor- Analyzes and interprets increases and decreases in referral trends, and generates on overview of those trends over a two week time period.
Productivity Predictor-Analyzes patient retention rate, cancellation rate, and patients seen per clinician.

Patient name is now clickable on the control center for the following:

Expiring physician prescriptions
Expired physician prescriptions
Progress note countdown
Expired progress note

Alert Section

Easy preview and easy editing of all patient alerts from the patient dashboard with one click. These alerts include:

1. physician certification alert
2 . Progress note countdown
3. Reevaluation countdown
4. KX modifier (Medicare cap) tracking