What is available in the Add-Ons section?

Add-On Options

In Touch EMR provides additional add-ons for the convenience of the user.

To access the Add-Ons section, click on Add-Ons from the main menu on the left side.

The Add-Ons section offers the following options:

  1. Send a Fax
  2. Set up Auto complete text
  3. Claim Summary
  4. Online Booking
  5. Refer a friend
  6. Outcome Measures


Send a Fax

In Touch EMR allows you to fax documents to Physicians, Case Managers, or any other third party that has requested a patient record.

To send a fax, click on “Fax Center” from the Add-Ons menu on the left side.

1. Click Choose to select the document.
2. Enter a fax number for the recipient.

Note: Manually entering the recipient’s fax number is not necessary if and when

A) Referral Source and the Connection is already a registered contact.

3. Select the Sender Number
4. Attach a Cover sheet (optional). To do this, select Yes.
5. Click on Send Fax


Fax Access on Patient’s Dashboard

You can send a fax directly from the Patient Dashboard by clicking on the Fax Icon next to the document you wish you send. If you have pre loaded your contacts into EMR, then you will just need to type in the name of the receipient and the fax number will auto fill. You also have the option to add a cover letter with a custom message.

Here are the steps on how to fax documents coming from the Patient’s Dashboard:

1. Go to the Patient’s Dashboard.
2. Click on the ‘Fax Icon’ adjacent to the note that wish to send through fax.

Note: Completed Documents, Plan Of Care, Flowsheet Preview and Miscellaneous sections all have fax icon adjacent to all the notes created for the patient.


The user will be directed to this page.

1. Select Recipient – you have the option to send the fax to physicians that are already on the Referral Source list, people added under Connections and others.
2. The Sender Number is an editable field. However, if ther clinic fax number has been added in the system, it will auto-populate by the system.
3. Select the Sender Name is a dropdown list of user’s location.
4. Select Multiple Documents will give you the list of patient’s completed documents.
5. Select Uploaded Files will show you the list of file that were uploaded as patient’s record that you can include to fax.
6. Select Plan of Care – will show the list of Plan of Care generated for the patient that can include to fax.
7. Select Flowsheet – will show the list of flowsheet that can include to fax.
8. Select Flowsheet Preview – will show the list of flowsheet preview that can include to fax.
9. Miscellaneous Note – this shows the list of miscellaneous note which you can attach to the primary document you are faxing the recipient.

10. Cover Sheet – to attach a cover sheet, please toggle to Yes and a note box would appear where you can type the information you wanted to be shown on the cover sheet when received by the recipient.

11. Click on Send Fax to complete the process.


Sending fax from the Patient Dashboard will show you a ‘green’ check mark while the fax is being transmitted. This green icon will automatically be replaced by a ‘red’ cross mark if the fax fails to transmit.

Important – Always check the Fax Center – The Add-ons > Fax Center capability has always provided users with a listing of successful (and failed faxes), and we have now introduced this on the patient dashboard as well. With this new updates, if a fax was to fail / not transmit, the green checkmark will change to a red ‘cross’, indicating that the fax did not go through. This gives the user immediate notification of unsuccessful faxes at the patient dashboard level, in addition to the fax center reporting logs. Despite this capability, we suggest an internal ‘fail safe’ workflow in the clinic. We strongly recommend that fax center reporting logs by reviewed at least once a week, so that failed faxes are resent as needed, without any delay.


Fax Cover Preview

Sample screenshot of Cover Sheet preview


Auto Generate of Patient’s Name on the Fax Cover Sheet

In the past, when a fax cover sheet is generated, In Touch EMR only shows the clinic’s information. Now, the patient name will be visible on the Fax Cover Sheet when received by the document recipient.


Fax Reporting

EMR allows you to also view the status of faxes that have been sent out.

You can view the following information:

  1. Serial Number
  2. Receiver Name
  3. The time when the fax was sent
  4. Document Name
  5. Document Type
  6. Status of the fax
  7. Which User sent the fax
  8. Patient Name the fax was associated with

Simply click on the Fax Reporting tab at the top, and your fax report will generate below.


Auto Complete Text

The Auto Complete Text feature allows you to build a custom list of short codes that your staff can then use during documentation. Short codes come in handy and saves you time because they eliminate the need to re type common phrases or goals out each time you complete a patient episode.

To build your custom short codes:

  1. Enter the Short code you wish you use (4-5 character limit)
  2. Choose a category; you can choose to have the short code apply to all areas of documentation (global) or specific areas only (ie Subjective, and Objective only)
  3. Enter the text value for the short code (limited to 250 characters)
  4. Make sure to hit “save”
  5. Export Global Short Code List and Export Customized Short Code List allows you to see the PDF of all the short codes that allows you to print it or save in your computer.

From this screen you can also edit or delete your custom codes by clicking on the icon options to the right of the code you wish to change.

Your Short codes will then be available during the documentation process for each patient.

Note: Custom codes are not required. EMR does offer a pre established list of common short codes under the “Global” tab.

From this screen you can also edit or delete your custom codes by clicking on the icon options to the right of the code you wish to change.

New Update:

Ability to sort Autotext List – In Touch EMR now gives you a sorting button to makes searching for short codes easier. The sorting button is available on both Global and Customized list.

To do this:

Type in the letter A on the Short Code’ Search box.
Click on the ‘Sort’ button.


Accessing Custom Short Codes while documenting

To access your short codes during documentation, simply open the document and click on the Auto Complete Listbutton at the top. This button is available throughout the entire SOAP process.

A pop up box will appear and you will have the option to look at the Custom tab or Global tab.

To use your short codes, simply type in the short code characters where you wish you document, and click enter/tab. The pre chosen phrase for that short code will then auto fill for you.


Claim Summary

The Claim Summary feature enables you to view all the claim details from your billable notes (finalized with billable appointment) for a specific patient.


What can be viewed from the claim summary?

1. Appointment date
2. Rendering provider
3. Document type of the finalized note (you can select the document title to open the pdf of the completed note on a different tab)
4. Date of service
5. POS
6. Diagnosis code
7. CPT code
8. Modifier
9. Supporting Diagnosis
10. Units

Note: The diagnosis codes and CPT codes are mapped based on your supporting diagnosis.

11. The Export Claim Summary Results allows you to see a PDF of the claim summary. You have the option to print or save the PDF.

Additional Information: The patient name on the claim summary when clicked will redirect you to the patient’s dashboard.

Online Booking

You will be given a link that your patients can use to book appointments.

This link allows any patient in the country to enter their zip code, search for In Touch EMR providers in their region, select a clinic and request an appointment with one of the providers in that clinic. Join the ever growing community of In Touch EMR clients across the country and grow your practice, as more and more patients use our provider locator to request appointments in your region.


This is what the patients are seeing when they book their own appointment.


Refer a Friend

Enter the details of people you know that maybe interested in In Touch EMR . If they sign up, you will get one free month usage of ITE.


Outcome Measure

What can be viewed in the Outcome Measure screen?

  1. Appointment date
  2. Document type (example: Daily Note, Progress Note, Initial Evaluation etc.)
  3. Outcome Measure Classifications, which outcome measure test was used
  4. Score
  5. Option to View/Download Document

To get the Outcome Measure list, put in the First Name, Last Name or Date From – Date To then click on the Display Summary button