What are the icons on the Patient dashboard?

Dashboard Icons

The Patient Dashboard will have two icons under the the Documents in Progress sectionand three icons under theCompleted Documents section and the Plan Of Care section.

The following icons are available:

1. Edit icon – this icon allows user to edit or continue working on any document in progress.
2. PDF icon – this icon when clicked will generate a preview of a particular document, and will allow you to see the final document prior to sending it to a physician, case manager, or other third party.
3. Blue dollar icon – this icon will show user a preview of the CPT codes/FLG codes entered of any documents in progress.
4. Duplicate icon – this icon when clicked will allow user to carry forward a cloned data to another patient’s profile.
5. Global icon – this icon when clicked will allow user to go on a vertical view and vertical scroll of documentation.
6. Delete icon – this allow user to delete any document in progress. The system only allows you to delete a document that is not finalized / completed, which is why the red “X” is only available in the Documents in Progress section.

7. Amendment icon – a completed document cannot be edited. Amendment will allow user to make a note of information that they to get corrected/amended.

If you need to make changes to a patient document then you will need to use green “A”. Blue “A” means that the document has been amended.
8. Green dollar icon – this allows user to see a billed charges (CPT code, FLG Code and PQRS code) on a finalized note.
9. Fax icon – this allows you to fax a particular document to a physician, case manager, or other third party.

Currently the In Touch EMR system does not allow you to receive faxes, so all incoming faxes would need to be recieved by your office through some other means. You do have the option, however, to scan and upload the faxed document (usually a plan of care) into the uploads section, or through the iPad app.

10. Download all PDF icon – In Touch EMR users will now have the ability to download all PDF file per episode for all completed documents. This displays a thread of all the documents completed for a single episode. To download all PDF, simply click on ‘ALL’ icon found under ‘Completed Documents’ on the Patient’s Dashboard.

11. One click option to generate POC for completed documents outside the Plan section – In the past, users have to contact In Touch EMR support to request for a POC to be generated in case they failed to do so before finalizing the note. Now, we have added a one click option to generate a POC. This button can be found adjacent on all finalized documents on the Patient Dashboard.

Documents in progress and completed documents now appear in a list with next and previous buttons.

Plan of Care, Flowsheet, and Flowsheet Preview

Please note – The Plan of Care, Flowsheet, and Flowsheet Preview are minimized by default on the patient dashboard. They can be expanded with one click. This allows the patient dashboard to appear more concise and load faster, especially when there are 20+ documents in progress and 20+ completed documents.

Amendment visual notification

Amendment visual notification – When an amendment is made to a completed document, the amendment button color changes from green to blue. This allows a user to identify which documents have an associated amendment at a glance.