What appears on my PDF preview?

PDF Option on the Documents in Progress

You can view your documentations in progress as a PDF preview by clicking on the PDF icon from the Patient Dashboard.The information that will show up on the PDF is base on your most recent save.

Another way to view your PDF is by clicking the PDF icon inside a document in progress.

Subjective Tab

For instance when you’re in the subjective section, if you enter any information on the default section and hit save that’s the information that’s going to populate on your PDF preview.

For this example, related appointment has been filled out, which automatically populates the date and time of the appointment as well as the encounter diagnosis ICD code.

PDF Preview of the Subjective Notes

Take a look at this sample PDF Preview of my documentation.

It reflects the selections made on the Subjective Note earlier.

Making Changes to your Documentation

If you are then to go in and create your own template in the subjective section or enter a different information from the template in your library, this information will replace what you had previously saved.

The information that you entered in the library section or from your customize template in the subjective and then save would now be updated on the PDF

‘Flowsheet Association’ feature (flowsheet preview PDF appearing after document type)

Please go to administration > edit staff > flowsheet > flowsheet association and enable this setting for your clinical users

– By default, this is set to ‘NO’. This means that the flowsheet preview (flowsheet summary of everything done for a particular date of service) is a separate, stand-alone document that can be printed and faxed separately.
When set to ‘YES’, the user will be asked to select a designated document type (initial evaluation, progress note, daily note, re-evaluation and / or discharge). One or more documents can be selected. Once selected, the flowsheet preview (associated with the same date of service) will also appear on the PDF of the selected document type(s). This applies to that particular user.

Let’s assume this setting is enabled for the daily note for the user ‘sam234’. When ‘sam234’ uses In Touch EMR, the enabling of this feature allows the user to generate and fax ‘combination PDFs’ that include the daily note and the flowsheet preview (associated with the same date of service) to the referring physician or payer. This allows the user to print and / or fax clinical documentation in addition to flowsheets (what was done) at the same time. When you enable this, the enabled user will now be able to download and fax documents which contain that note and the associated flowsheet. You need to set it to ‘Yes’ for each individual user, and then click save.

Document Title

The document title when added will appear on the upper right hand below the note type of your documentation’s PDF preview.