Viewing Patient's Claim Summary

The Claim Summary feature enables you to view all the claim details from your billable notes (finalized with billable appointment) for a specific patient.

To access the Claim Summary Page:
1. Go to Add Ons.
2. Select Claim Summary.

How to search a patient’s claim summary?

To search for a patient’s summary you need to do the following:

1. Provide either the patient’s first name and last name in all capital letters.
2. Provide the date of the claim summary to download.
3. Rendering provider is defaulted to ‘ALL’, if wanted to download claim summary for patient assigned to individual provider, choose from the dropdown list.
4.You can also select which document type you preferred to download.
5Click on ‘Display Summary’
6. The clear button is used to clear out search criteria that was previously used.



  • You can also download all your patient’s claim summary from a given date range. Just provide the date on the date boxes and leave the patient’s first and last name blank.
  • The system allows you to download a month range of patient data.
  • The diagnosis codes and CPT codes are mapped based on your supporting diagnosis.

What can be viewed from the claim summary?

1. Appointment date
2. Rendering provider
3. Document type of the finalized note (you can select the document title to open the pdf of the completed note on a different tab)
4. Date of service
5. POS
6. Diagnosis code
7. CPT code
8. Modifier
9. Units

To help you narrow down your search, you have the option to further filter the results by document type.

The Export Claim Summary Results button will generate a pdf of the results which you can print out.