Using the Refax Option

What is the refax option?

The refax option is a quick method to resend faxes that have failed transmission for any reason (ie. incorrect fax numbers, interrupted transmissions, internet was cut off, etc).
It is available in the fax center under fax reporting.

Look at your failed transmissions in the fax reporting by:
1. Go to Add Ons
2. Go to Fax Center
3. Select the Fax Reporting Tab
4. It is automatically enabled for failed fax transmissions.

You can fax documents with the push of a button from the patient dashboard. In this example, by clicking the fax icon.

A fax transmission will fail if the recipient’s information is inaccurate.

For failed fax transmission, you can go to the fax reporting to easily refax any failed faxes. Select the fax icon beside the failed status to refax the document.

You will be redirected to the send fax screen. Through the refax option, it automatically selects the same file you tried to send (if this comes with a cover sheet, the cover sheet is automatically binded to the document).

NOTE: You do not have to manually select file. If you select a different file, this file will override the original document you plan to send out.

  1. Review the recipient number. For failed transmission due to incorrect recipient fax number, you can edit this field. Through refax, the recipient information is automatically prepopulated.
  2. You can set the sender number (optional).
  3. Select the sender name.
  4. Click on ‘Send fax’ to refax your document.