The Carry Forward to Feature of In Touch EMR

In Touch EMR gives you the opportunity to ‘clone’ or ‘carry forward to’ an entire clinical record to a specific episode for another patient.

This is an ‘intra-patient’ feature, which means data can be transferred from one patient to another. When this option is selected, the entire clinical record, including subjective, objective, flowsheet, assessment and plan of care is cloned to another patient record.

Please note that this new feature ‘carry forward to’ is separate and distinct from the ‘carry forward from’ feature, which is patient specific. ‘Carry forward from’ is an ‘inter-patient’ feature, which means data CANNOT be transferred from one patient to another, and can only propagate within the same patient record.


Different Ways on How to Use the Carry Forward to Feature

Here are the different ways on how to use the carry forward to feature:

A) Carry forward to coming from the Patient’s Dashboard > Document in Progress

Users have the option to use the carry forward to feature even when the documents are still in progress.


1. To use the carry forward feature, click on the ‘duplicate’ icon adjacent to the note in progress.


Option 1: Patient Locator

This pop up box would appear when the duplicate button is clicked. Click on ‘Patient Locator’ to search for the document you want to copy using the patient’s name.

2. Type in the name of the patient for whom the note is being cloned for on the ‘Patient Locator’ search box.

3. Click on ‘Get Episodes’ to show the list of episodes available for the patient.

4. Select Episode on the dropdown list to choose which episodes the cloned note gets added to.

5. Click on ‘Carry Forward Note’.

Note: If the note type copied was a Progress Note from patient A, the same note type gets created to Patient B. This rules also apply to a Daily Note and Re-evaluation. The only exception to the rule is the Initial Evaluation.

If an Initial Evaluation gets carried forward from Patient A to Patient B, a progress note gets created on Patient B’s profile.

To learn on how to carry forward an Initial Evaluation note from one patient to another, please see New Initial Evaluation Pull Data Function lesson.

Option 2: Episode Locator

This is a feature enhancement launched on December 2016

In Touch EMR will now allow you to have the option to search for the ‘Episode title’ so it will be easier to find the best note that matches the patient condition you need to document. Simply, enter the keyword on the ‘Episode’ search box and wait for the list to generate from where you can choose the notes that you want to copy.

2. Type in the name of the Episode title in the ‘Episode Locator’ search box.

3. If the Episode title is available/exist, a list of patient names under ‘Select Patient’ dropdown menu will appear.

4. Click on ‘Carry Forward Note’.

B) Carry Forward to inside a document in progress

You also have the option to do the carry forward to inside a document in progress.

C) Carry Forward to for Completed Documents

User also have the option to carry forward to a completed documents. To do so, click on the ‘duplicate button’ found adjacent to each note type.