Template Creation Question Types: Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice with only one answer

Multiple Choice with only one answer will allow you to select one answer to your question when you are doing your documentation.

For instance, a Yes or No question.

First, Select the Section where you would like to add a question to.

Then choose whether you would like a Multiple Choice with Only one answer or a Multiple Choice with Multiple Answers.

For this first part we will choose Only One Answer.

Then add your question on the Question Text.

Add possible answers on the Question Options

Click Add for each answer once you had type it in.

You will see previously entered answers below the Question Options.

Click on Add Question ones you had finished entering all the answers.

Note: You will only be able to select one Option from the possible answers.

The radio boxes are round.

Multiple Choice with more than just one Answer

When entering Multiple Choice questions with more than just one Answer, you will be able to select multiple answers from the Question Options.

Make sure you had selected Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers) on the Select a Type of Question.

Just like the Multiple Choice with one answer, enter the question and the possible answers.

Notice that you may be able to choose more than one answer for this question and that the radio boxes are square if the question allows multiple answers.