Screen Lock Feature and Tooltip Information

Did you know that you can switch views in the In Touch EMR interface? Just by clicking the collapse/expand icon, you can maximize the pages you see in In Touch EMR

Default View:

Expanded View:

How to use the Lock/Unlock Icon:

How to use the lock/unlock the view for all pages:

1. Set the preferred view (either collapsed or expanded) by using the collapse/expand icon
2. Click on the lock icon
4. Refresh the page

You can also lock the subjective and objective templateselector based on your preference:

Help Tools and Tool Tip Information:Tool tip Information: Click on the Tool Tip to view somehelpful notes as you are documenting.

Sample tidbits inside the tool:

Help Icons are also available for guides and snippets of information as a quick resource.

Additional tool tip for flowsheet with tips to improve payercompliance and minimize claim denials.

This screenshot will appear when the tool tip is clicked.