PDF Customization Settings

Under the plan section, additional options are provided that will allow you to customize your notes.

A. Physician Signature and Physician Customization

By selecting Yes for the Physician Signature Required, it will enable physician signature field for the Plan of Care

Moreover, it will provide additional options for customization:

  • Physician Customization – When enabled, this will show the physician’s disclaimer for the Plan of Care.
  • Physician Name Display – When enabled, the name of the physician appears below the signature field. This is an optional feature and the clinician can decide if the physician name display is required on the signature fields.

Sample PDF for the Plan of Care:

1 – Physician’s disclaimer: This shows since Physician Customization is enabled. 
2 – Physician signature field: This shows since Physician Signature Required is set to Yes.

B. Provider Options

1. Plan Approval and Review – 
When enabled, the following text will appear on the plan of care, prior to the signature fields. “I certify that I have examined this patient and treatment is medically necessary. The services will be provided while the patient is under my care. The plan established will be renewed every ninety days or more often, if the patient’s condition requires it.”. Generally, this should be enabled.

2. Extended Provider Signature – 
When a patient is being seen be more than one clinician, this option allows the designation of this additional / extended provider and this additional providers signature will also appear on the plan of care in addition to that of the rendering provider

3. Rendering Provider Signature –
Only licensed healthcare professionals (PT, OT, Speech and Mental Health Professionals) appear in this list. The signature of the selected rendering provider will appear on the plan of care.

Sample PDF for Plan of Care: Provider Option

Plan Approval and Review Enabled

C. Physician Name

If Physician Name Required is enabled, it will give you the option to show the referral source name on the Completed Document and Plan of Care.

Sample PDF:

C. Extended Provider’s Signature

When enabled, this will show the credentials of the co-signee of the note. Usually used for provider’s assistant and aides.

This will be reflected on both the Plan of Care and Completed Document.

Sample PDF: