New Initial Evaluation Pull Data Function

New Initial Evaluation Pull Data Function

New Initial Evaluation for the same episode or another episode can now pull data from Initial Evaluation or Re-evaluation from existing or other episodes of the patient.

This feature is automatically enabled when you have an existing Initial Evaluation for the patient and needed to do a new Initial Evaluation for either two reasons:

1. Continuation of care after the patient has been discharged
2. Multiple episodes of care for the patient.

A. Copy Initial Evaluation from the current default episode:

This will pull all the data from the very first inital evaluation that was made for the patient.

B. Copy data from an existing episode:

You choose this option in cases when you’d like to copy data from an existing Re-evaluation or Initial Evaluation.

Select the episode from the ‘EPISODE LIST’ and a list of Initial Evaluation and Re-evaluation will be available in the dropdown for “Available Evaluation”.

C. New Initial Evaluation:

This option will create an empty Initial Evaluation.

D. Copy Initial Evaluation from an existing episode of another patient

In Touch EMR now allows users to carry forward information from one patient to another using this option.

Once this option is selected, the information from the existing episode will carry forward to another patient’s initial evaluation.

  1. Fill out the ‘Episode Locator’ with an episode title.
  2. The list of patients will be generated and will be available on the ‘SELECT PATIENT’ dropdown list.
  3. ‘AVAILABLE EVALUATION/s dropdown list will be available once the patient name has been selected from the ‘SELECT PATIENT’ dropdown list.

Choosing from any of these options will enable you to either start an entirely new Initial Evaluation for the patient or work with data that you have previously entered for the patient. This is a time saver to enable you to progressively work based on prior documentation and modify the data as needed for the new Initial Evaluation.