Lesson 80 – The Chat Feature in In Touch EMR

How to start up a chat

1. To start up a chat with your colleague/s, click on ‘Chat’ found on the left side bar of In Touch EMR.

What are the chat options do we have with In Touch EMR

1. One on One chat – you can use the ‘One on One’ chat to talk to an individual
2. Group chat – you can use group chat to send messages to all staff members throughout your clinic.

A green pop up notification would appear if you receive a message.

Note: The system does not auto refresh so the notification would only get updated if:

1. You hit the browser refresh button or
2. You go to another sections in In Touch EMR.

One on One Chat

1. This is how the message recipient will see the chat messages received from one of the clinic users. Message receive always appear on the left side of the screen in light blue bubble pop up.
2. Is where you can see the list of users within your clinic to whom you can chat with within In Touch EMR.
3. This is where the name of the person you are chatting with will be indicated
4. This is where you can type in your message.
5. Click on the ‘Enter’ icon found on the lower right of the chat box to send the message or you can hit the enter key on your keyboard.
6. Click ‘Refresh’ if you wish to refresh the chat box.
7. The message appears on the right is the sender’s chat message. Message sent appears in blue color.

Group Chat

Group chat shows all the exchange messages between users within your clinic. Everyone can see everybody’s messages.

How to enable to chat feature

Please contact your Account Manager to request for the chat feature to be enabled.