Lesson 44a – How a Non-Rendering Provider Submits a Claim for Review by a Rendering Provider

STEP 1. From the non-rendering provider staff, enable rendering provider authentication.

‘Rendering provider authentication’ (RPA) is a new feature in In Touch EMR that allows non-licensed clinicians (also called ‘servicing providers’ or SP) like PTAs to ‘submit documents for review’ to a selected rendering provider (RP).

So let’s say John, a PTA (SP) works on a note and goes to the claim review tab, he will, (assuming RPA is enabled for John), NOT see an option to finalize document.

Instead he will see an option to ‘Submit for Review’ and he will choose Lisa, a PT (RP) as the clinician who should finalize that document. Please note that John will have the option to choose any RP, not just Lisa.

When Lisa, the rendering provider, logs in and clicks on ‘control center’, she can find this note under ‘documents for review’.

Lisa clicks on the note, reviews it and finalizes it with one click.

The document now appears under the ‘completed documents’ section on the patient dashboard for John, Lisa and other clinicians.

RPA can be enabled / disabled for non-licensed clinicians under administration > staff.

Currently, RPA is disabled (set to ‘no’), which allows non licensed clinicians to finalize a note, assuming they have the rendering provider’s approval and initials. In Touch EMR recommends that RPA be enabled at all times, since the presence of the licensed clinician is not guaranteed at all times. Effective December 1, 2014, RP will be activated (set to ‘yes’ for all SP to further improve compliance with your documentation in In Touch EMR.

The objective is to prevent non-licensed clinicians from being able to finalize a note, especially if a licensed clinician (rendering provider) is not available to supervise and sign off on the note. Under such circumstances, RPA should be enabled (set to ‘yes’).

As stated in the In Touch EMR user agreement, staying compliant with payer regulations, state law and the provider practice act is the sole responsibility of the clinic and individual clinics.

To enable Rendering Provider Authentication go to:

1. Administration
2. Staff
3. Edit Staff

4. Under Compliance, look for the claim Review section
5. Set Rendering Provider Authentication to ‘YES’
6. Click ‘Save’ to update the changes.

STEP 2. Proceed with the documentation going from Subjective upto the Claim Review tab, on the lower right side click on ‘SAVE BILLING’

STEP 3. Click ‘Submit for Review’.

STEP 4. In the popup, choose the rendering provider who will review the claim.

STEP 5. After selecting the rendering provider, click the Submit for Review button.

STEP 6. Confirm submission by clicking the Submit Document button.

STEP 7. Using his / her login credentials, the rendering provider can access the documents for review from the Dashboard Control Center – Documents for Review section

To access the document that was sent for review, click on the document title. In this scenario, the document title is ‘Daily Note’

After clicking the title coming from the Dashboard Control Center, it will lead you directly to the document’s ‘Claim Review’ section.

The rendering provider will also be able to see a section “Documents for Review” on the patients dashboard. Click on the resume button to start finalizing the documentation.

STEP 8. The document is ready to be finalized.

STEP 9. After selecting the rendering provider, click the Finalize Document button

STEP 10. The rendering provider confirms the finalization of the document by clicking on ‘Yes, Finalize button.

STEP 10. The document appears in the list of completed documents.