Lesson 37b – Patient portal appointment booking

1 – When the patient portal login is generated, the logincredentials (username and password) are automatically sentto the patient by email.

2 – The patient should check his/her email and click the link tologin to his/her portal. If the email is not in the inbox, thepatient should check his/her SPAM folder.

3 – The patient logs in to the patient portal to request anappointment

4 – The default page of the patient portal is his/her calendarshowing his/her upcoming appointments with the clinic (ifany). The current date is also highlighted.

Patient can toggle from the monthly view (default) to weekly view.

Patient can also toggle to day view.

5A – The patient can request an appointment with a particularprovider using the ‘Online Booking Request’ tab

5B – Past dates and the current date are not clickable.

5C – To request an appointment, the patient can click anyfuture date.

5D – The APPOINTMENT REQUEST dialogue opens andpatient will specify the time for the appointment and choosethe location of the clinic (assuming there are multiplelocations available).

5E – A message will appear confirming that the appointment request has been sent.

5F – The clinic administrator will receive an email with thecontact information of the patient. The clinic administrator will need to schedule the appointment. Finally, the patient should be notified that their appointment is confirmed.

5G – The patient will receive an email notifying him / her that the clinic administrator will need to schedule the appointment. When this appointment is scheduled, the patient will be be notified that their appointment is confirmed. Ability to right click on completed documents and transmit selected documents to a print queue or to patient portal.

Right click on the completed documents you wish to send. You can either transmit or retrieve to patient portal or to Add to a Print Queue