lesson 37a – How to Generate Patient Portal Login

STEP 1 – From the patient dashboard, click ‘Edit Patient’ and go to ‘Essentials’.

Please enter a unique, valid email address for the patient. The email address should be unique and should not be registered to any another patient.

NOTE – If you enter an email address that is already in use/registered to another patient, a prompt will appear that the email already exists and the system will indicate that you need to use another email.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Patient portal login cannot be generated if the patient has no email address.

If the patient does not have an email, and you click ‘Generate Patient Portal Login’, a message will appear indicating that a unique email is required.

STEP 2 – Enter a unique email, click the ‘Update’ button and wait for blue confirmation alert that patient essentials have been updated succesfully.

STEP 3 – Click on ‘Patient Login’ tab and click the ‘Generate Patient Portal Login’ button.

STEP 4 – Wait for the blue confirmation alert and click ‘Save Changes’. It is very important that you click the ‘UPDATE’ button otherwise the patient portal will not register correctly in In Touch EMR.

STEP 5 – The patient portal username is displayed and a blue confirmation alert indicates that the patient portal login has been generated correctly.

STEP 6 – If the patient requests that their patient portal password be reset, click ‘Resend Portal Password’