Lesson 31C How to Set Up Physician Prescription Alert

Once you get back an approved plan of care from the referring physician, you can set up a Physician Prescription alert on your patient’s chart in In Touch EMR.

From the patient dashboard, you can select the pencil icon to redirect you to the physician prescription alert set up.

You can also access this screen from the Patient Dashboard as follows:

1. Go to Edit Patient
2. Go to Alerts
3. Go to Physician Prescription

Initial setup


1. Upload the signed physician script or signed plan of care (optional).

2. Select yes for question ‘Do you have the physician prescription on the plan of care?’ This will open the plan of care selector.

Additional configuration

3. Assign the Plan of Care associated with the physician prescription. The rest of the fields will autopopulate with the necessary information based on the plan of care document that was originally created in In Touch EMR.

4. Note that the highlighted fields in yellow are not editable. These fields are pre-populated based on the initial prescribed visits and number of weeks on your chosen plan of care. You can still adjust the prescription period, number of visits and number of weeks manually if needed.

5. Click ‘Save Changes’ to save update.

Once the alert is saved successfully, the alert on the patient’s dashboard will update automatically. This will count down the number of remaining days and number of visits based on the physician prescription.

Quick view of all expiring and expired prescriptions from the Clinic Dashboard – Alerts

At the bottom of the dashboard, you are given an overview of all all expired prescriptions and expiring prescriptions within the next 14 days.

Select the PDF icon to view all prescriptions in a PDF printable format.