How do I look up a patient in ITE?


To locate a particular patient, you have several options within EMR:
Click on the patient’s name from the Calendar appointment, then click on Patient Dashboard from the pop-up window
Click on Patients from the main menu, and click on Patient Locator
Use the Patient Locator Search Function available at the top right hand corner of the screen (either type in the first name or the last name of the patient)

Patient Locator Search Result Available Data

  1. Serial number
  2. Name (with DOB suffix)
  3. Payers
  4. Address (address line 1, address line 2, city, state, zip code)
  5. Phone number
  6. Upcoming appointment
  7. Last known appointment
  8. Referring Physician


Patient Locator (Basic)

Use the patient locator to search for a particular patient or filter patients by gender, patient category, referral source, or any combination.
For every search, a PDF icon will be available to enable you to download the results.

Patient Locator (Advanced)

This is the ADVANCED patient locator (under Patient Locator > Advanced).
You can now filter the list of patients by:
Location (Note: The system now automatically sets the primary location per patient based on the location where the first appointment for the patient was assigned to)
Appointment Sort

  • No future appointments
  • No appointments in the past 30 days
  • Patients with no-show / cancelled appointments in the past 30 days
  • Patients with no-show / cancelled appointments < 30 days
  • Patients with no-show / cancelled appointments < 60 days
  • Patients with no-show / cancelled appointments < 90 days
  • Patients with no-show / cancelled appointments < 120 days
  • Patients with no-show / cancelled appointments (all time)

Demographics – Patient’s Age

  • 0-20
  • 21-40
  • 41-60
  • 61-80
  • >81 years

Available contact information

  • Cellphone available
  • Email available
  • Both cellphone and email available
  • No cellphone available
  • No email available
  • Neither cellphone nor email available


  • Individual insurances
  • All Medicare
  • All Commercial
  • No Payer
  • Self Pay

Encounter Status

  • No documented encounter
  • In progress
  • Discharged < 30 days
  • Discharged < 60 days
  • Discharged < 90 days
  • Discharged < 120 days
  • Discharged (all time)


  • Active Patients
  • Inactive Patients

For every search, a PDF icon will be available to enable you to download the results.

Patient Locator (Advanced) on how to sort future appointments to identify patient drop off’s

Go to Patients > Patient Locator > Advanced and choose ‘no future appointments’ under appointment sort.
Please allow upto 30 seconds for the data to load.
This gives you a list of all patients who have no future appointments (those who are no longer on the schedule). Now, you will see a button called ‘most recent’.
Click that button and the system will further sort this list by most recent patients.
Please allow upto 30 seconds for the system to sort this data.
This will allow you to immediately identify the most recent patients who ‘dropped off the schedule’ and have no future appointments. It’s a good idea for the front desk to run this report once a week and call patients who have no future appointments, and who just recently dropped off the schedule.
You also have the option to download this list in an excel file format or in a PDF format.

New Feature:
Checked in indicator is now available in Patient Locator’s Advanced tab. To filter checked in patients, simply choose ‘Checked in’ option from ‘Appointment Sort’ dropdown menu and the list of patients that have been checked in will be generated.

Patient Locator (Segmenter)

Segmenter (advanced patient sorting) is available under Patient Locator.
This will sort patients based on other specific ‘patient segmentation components’ such as:
Vehicle owned
Annual income
Activity level
Preferred mode of contact
Relationship status
Favorite holiday destination
Financial goal at retirement
You can use the SAVE SEARCH option to save the filters you need for certain outcomes. You can build a list of searches that fit your preferences.

Info for the Segmenter are based on the Segmentation info of your patients.
These characteristics can be applied to every single patient under the ‘patient segmentation’ tab, which is now available when you click ‘edit patient’.

Patient Locator (Certification List)

When a document is faxed to a physician, right clicking the document allows the user to add it to the ‘physician certification list’. This right click capability is available for all completed documents and all plan of care documents. To track the ones that are added, you can go to Patien Locator > Certification List
Green and red icons designate pending, and completed documents and plan of cares intended for certification. Document title, date of service and sending timestamp is also displayed.

Patient Locator (Productivity Tracker)

Ability to sort appointments and drill down to certain date ranges.

Patient Locator (Document Tracker)

Document Tracker helps user to track different type of notes created per patient.