How can I upload documents to my patient file (i.e. medication lists, Rx)?

Patient Dashboard

To upload documents to a patient file, go to the Patient Dashboardand hover on the Uploads tab at the top. You will then be given two options: ADD or VIEW

In Touch EMR allows you to upload external documents to a patient record such as medications list, Rx from the referring physician, or any other note that is relevant to patient care.

How to upload a document

Click on ADD to upload a new document such as a medications list, signed plan of care or any other external record you may need to access for that particular patient.

  1. Click the + Choose button to locate your external document from your desktop/drive folder location adjacent to Upload Selector.
  2. Choose your Upload Classification
  3. Enter a Title of Upload
  4. Enter the Upload Date
  5. Then when you are done, click Upload File

How to view an uploaded file

To view a previously uploaded document, click on View

A list of all documents uploaded to the patient chart will appear below.

You have the options to:

  1. View
  2. Edit
  3. Delete