How to Use the Outcome Measure Feature in Objective

1. For objective templates with the Outcome Measure component, select the questionnaire.

2a. If this is you first time to use Outcome measure, be sure to understand the terms and conditions.

2b. Review the Conditions of Use

3a. After the review of the conditions of sale, click link to start test.

3b. On the test page, enter clinician name, patient name and read the instructions before starting the test.

1. Enter clinician’s name.
2. Enter patient’s name
3. Go over the instruction.
4, Answer the qyuestionnaire by clicking the applicable button.

3b. After completing the questionnaire, take note of the score. Then Save as CSV.

4a. After saving the completed questionnaire in your local computer, upload the result of the outcome measure and save.

1. On ‘Upload Test Score Data’ section, click Choose and upload the CSV file you have saved in your local computer.
2. Select Upload Date.
3. Manually enter the test score.
4. Click Save Outcome Measures
5. Click on ‘SAVE’ to complete the process.

4b. The outcome measure can be edited and deleted in case the user made a mistake about the saved score or if the data uploaded is incorrect.

5. You can add more outcome measures by selecting from the dropdown list and proceed from Steps 2 to 4a.

Three new outcome measures added in the done for you Outcome Measure Section

1. Neck index
2. Back index
3. LEFS (Lower Extremity Functional Scale)