How to Use the Flowsheet Template Builder

Flowsheet Template Builder:

This enables you to build flowsheets that you can use anytime with any patients.


Steps: Creating Flowsheet Templates

1. Select Template Builder under the Flowsheet section.

2. Select “New Template”.

3. Enter information. 
Note: “Flowsheet Template Title” and “Charge As” fields are required.

3. Select “Add Component”.
4. Once done with adding all your components, select “Save Template”.

Note: You can also save templates when adding new flowsheets.

1. Select “Add New”

2. Make sure to select “Save As Template” and add all information needed. 
3. Save the flowsheet.

Editing Templates

1. Select Template Builder under the Flowsheet section. 
2. Select the template you want to edit
3. Once done editing, select “Update Template”

Other options available:

  • Duplicate Template – this creates a copy of the template
  • Delete Template – this deletes the template
  • Share Template – share templates with other users
  • Hide Template – this hides the template from your flowsheet templates

Flowsheets Components

Flowsheet components are now editable. In able to do so, simply click on the Pencil icon under the Action column of your current template

All editable components will change into red fonts. You can directly edit inside the boxes.

Do not forget to hit the ✓ icon to save the update, or ‘X” to cancel.

Note: Once actions taken are completed, please click on ‘Update Flowsheet’ button.