How to Use the Data Export Feature?

What is the Data Export Feature?

The Data Export Feature enables the user to download all of his or her patient’s documents.

Your download will include the following:
1. Completed documents for the patient
2. Plan of Care
3. Flowsheet
4. Miscellaneous Note
5. Uploaded Files

This feature needs to be activated on your account. Please contact your Account Manager if you need any assistance.



1. Go to the Patient’s Dashboard¬†
2. Select Edit Patient
3. Select the Data Export Tab
4. Click on Export Patient Data

The download will start after selecting ‘Export Patient Data’.

You will get this pop up box to confirm if you really wish to download the data for the selected patient, choose ‘YES’ to continue and ‘NO’ to cancel.

The download will be locally stored in your computer in a zip folder.

Note: Download time may depend on how many documentations and uploaded files the patient has in In Touch EMR.