How to use the Custom CPT Code selector tab when creating a flowsheet

CPT Code Selector

Under the ‘Charge As’ field, you can select from a menu of CPT codes by clicking on the green CPT selector button. This will open up another window pop up. See next screenshot.

To add a CPT Code on your flowsheet using the list of CPT’s under Customized, Most Used and Global list tab, just click on the ‘Add’ green button.

Customized – Add Custom CPT

Customized CPT Codes

By clicking on the ‘ADD CUSTOM CPT CODE’ button, you are able to customize a list of codes that you commonly charge for, or that are frequently used by your profession (PT, OT, DC, etc).

You will need to fill out the required CPT code information:

  1. CPT Code
  2. Short Description
  3. Medium Description
  4. Long Description
  5. CPT Code Category
  6. Then click on ‘SAVE CUSTOM CPT’

Accessing your Custom CPT Codes

To access your customized CPT code list; Click on the CUSTOMIZED tab when you open the CPT Selector.

You then hit ADD next to the code you want to apply to your flowsheet or charge slip.

Note: By clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the CPT code you can edit the customized information previously entered