How to use private browsing in Firefox for In Touch EMR (Desktop/PC)

Find the ‘Firefox’ shortcut on your desktop and double click it to open.

You can also ‘right click’ on the icon to open the menu. Click on ‘Open’ to pull up the regular browser.

On the top right hand corner, you should see the Mozilla Firefox menu icon. Click on the menu icon (the icon with three horizontal lines) and the Mozilla Firefox menu should appear right below the icon.

In the menu, click on the ‘New Private Window’ tab. If you cannot find it, its just right above the ‘History’ icon(the icon which has a clock). A new window should appear.
Use Ctrl+⇧ Shift+P for a keyboard shortcut.

The private browsing is officially on once you see the ‘Private Browsing’ note. To go to In Touch EMR, type in the URL in the address bar. (

Another way to determine that you are on a private browsing mode for Firefox is once you see mask icon on the upper right hand of the browser