How to take in an information in Ipad?

1. Log in to the In Touch EMR App.

2. After logging in, the clinic personnel must search for the patient on the list provided.

NOTE: All Clinic’s patient from In Touch EMR System will also be showing in this list.

3. This will lead the patient homepage. Click on Intake button to start encoding the patient information.

4. The patient may start encoding their personnal information. Click on Basic information tab to start editing the Basic profile.

4a. Here, the patient can edit their information. Once done, click on update.

4b. Click on next to edit the patient address, then hit update.

4c. Click on next again to edit the patient touch points. Various modes of contact can be entered by the patient here. Patients can even select preferred method of appointment reminder. Then click on save.

4d. Click on next again. Here, the patient can edit their insurance. Once done, click on update.

4e. Click on next again. Patient may also upload files and documents. They may also take a photo of themselves for their chart.

4f. Patients and staff can also take photos of written authorizations, scripts, xrays, etc, to be automatically added to the patient chart. Just hit Upload and once done click submit.

5. Then the HIPAA Agreement Form will show at the end. It will request the patient to sign and agree.

6. Once the patient is done and they’ve signed the HIPAA agreement, the iPad will lock so that they can give it back to the front desk.

NOTE: All information save in In Touch EMR Ipad App can automatically be viewed in the In Touch EMR System.