How to Set Up Authorization Alerts for Patient Visits

Entering the Authorization information on the patient record.

1. Go to the Patient Dashboard > Edit Patient > Alerts > Authorizations
2. Click Add New

3. Enter the Authorization Details
4. Remember to click Save to save your changes.

Associating the Authorization to Patient Appointments

It is important to bind the authorization with an appointment to ensure that it accounts for the appropriate visit and count down properly.

– Enhanced authorization module (In Touch EMR only users) – authorization can be binded to the appointments made ONLY within the authorization period. This is for In Touch EMR only users. Improved accuracy to the authorization module countdown and real time authorization alerts.

An alert will be triggered once an Authorization is selected to show the remaining number of visits allowed for the authorization.

– Authorization module improvements (In Touch EMR only clients) – Improvements to authorization module to include rescheduled, cancel and no show status – available for In Touch EMR only users. Integrated clients can track authorizations in In Touch Biller Pro.

The Authorization Alert is automatically created and will appear on the patient dashboard.

New Update:

Authorization Number now visible in the Appointment pop up box, Edit Patient > Alerts and Appointment’s list.

In the past, authorization number that has been assigned to an appointment visit is not visible on the Calendar section. This information is only visible on ‘Edit Patient > Authorization. This makes it hard for the providers to identify if a certain visit has been bound to an authorization.

Now In Touch EMR users can now see the authorization number on the Calendar 1.0’s Appointment pop up and appointment list.

The authorization number also shows the appointment date bound to the authorization on the Edit Patient > Authorization section.