How to Manage Objective Templates

Objective templates can be activated and hidden by using the Manage Templates button.

To access the Ivy Assist walkthrough for Dashboard – Control Center

Go to Dashboard – Control Center
Click on ‘Click here for help”
Click on “Control Center Walkthrough”

Search Function for the Objective Template Library

Search function in the objective template library – this gives the user the ability to find templates quickly for editing / selection.

Please note that a template cannot be edited once it has been used to finalize a note. Instead, you can create a duplicate of that template and edit the ‘duplicate’. As always, you can hide any template you don’t need by clicking on ‘Manage Templates’.

Important Note: Selected template cannot be edited while in use.

STEP 1: Click Manage Template button

STEP 2: Hide the templates.

STEP 2A : No option to hide and activate template current;y being used.

STEP 3: X out of the Manage Templates

STEP 4. Only the active templates will be visible in the list. You can select, edit, duplicate, share and delete these templates.