How to add a physician to the system?

In Touch EMR allows you to add new physicians to your account. To add a referral source, follow these steps:

1. Under Referral Source, go to Add Referral Source

2. Under the Add Referral Source Tab, fill up all the information required (add referral source, address, marketing and miscellaneous.) Required information is marked with a red asterisk (*).
a. Add an address for the physician or group
b. Market to a physician by sending out the Physician Newsletter, which is located in yourTherapy Newsletter account.
c. Add notes about the physician or group for quick reference

3. Then hit the save button once done.

In Touch EMR also gives you the ability to import a list of referral sources. To import a referral source lists, here’s how:

1. Referral Sources

2. Add Referral Source

3. Import Referral Source

4. Use the template provided by downloading it.

5. Upload it to the system.

The following fields can be imported into the referral source section:

1. *First Name
2 . *Last Name
3. *Classification
4. *Strength
5. NPI
6. Cell Phone 
7. Email 
8. Telephone Number
9. Fax
10. Address 1
11. Address 2
12. City
13. State
14. Zip

Please note that the first and last name, classification and stregnth fields are mandatory.

1. After Choosing the file, this pop upbox will show. Make sure to review all data that appear on the “yellowed area”.

2. If all information are correct, click upload referral source lists.

Once all the information from the file has been imported, you will receive a message that says: List Imported Successfully