How do I use the Episodes feature in In Touch EMR?


In Touch EMR allows you to have multiple episodes for the same patient..

The underlying principle for the Episodes feature in In Touch EMR is progressive documentation and independent pathway for different patient body parts/specialty types at the same time.

So what does this allow you to do?


If a Physical Therapist does an Initial Evaluation and does daily notes, re-evaluations etc. (with data carry forward)…and if an Occupational Therapist is also working with the patient at the same time, they can also create an Initial Evaluation, daily notes, re-evaluations with data carry forward independently of the Physical Therapist (vice versa).

The episodes will be binded to different USERS for display purposes only. As a result, a default episode shows to a user when he/she logs in. However, they are not restricted to that episode.

Any user will be able to select different episodes in the drop down menu and the system will show all the documents (in progress, completed, plan of care, flowsheets, etc) pertaining to that episode.

Episodes list

Every EMR chart will have an Episodes Default, which is the original episode that the patient started with. All subsequent episodes will then be listed below that. You can also assign a referral source to an episode by clicking on Assign Referral Source

Assign users

Step 1: You can assign users to Episodes by clicking on the EDIT button to the right of each episode,

Step 2: A pop up box will appear. Click on the user(s) you wish you assign and add them to the box on the right.

You can also change the Episode name in the EDIT tab if you prefer. Simply type over the “DEFAULT” listed and enter your desired title.

Note: The assigned users will see the Episode they are assigned and all associated documents when they login. They are not restricted from viewing other episodes, but they will see the assigned episode when they use their login.


Episodes drop down menu

The Episode for each patient will appear on their EMR Chart Dashboard in the drop down menu.

You can choose which episode and the associated documentation for that episode by choosing from the menu.

Documenting different episodes of care

Once you have chosen the Episode of care you want to work with for a particular patient, any documentation created is then binded to that specific episode.

When an Episode is chosen from the drop down menu, all associated documents (in Progress, Completed, Plan of Care, Flowsheets, etc) will then appear on the patient dashboard.