How do I set up referring physicians?

Referral Sources

To add, change, or delete a referring physciainclick on Referral Sources from the main menu.

Add Referral Source

To add a New Physician to the In Touch EMR system, click on Add Referral Source.

Enter the physician or physician group information; required information is marked with a black asterisk (*).

In Touch EMR allows you to add:

  1. Address for the physician
  2. Market to a physician or group by sending out the Physician Newsletter
  3. Add Notes to a physician profile, such as birthdays, physician protocols, or directions to the office.

Make sure to hit “Save” at the end of each section.

Referral Source Locator

To locate an existing referral source in In Touch EMR, click on Referral Source Locator

The Referral Source Locator will display a list of existing referral sources, and give you the option to search for a referral source using the search tool.

To make changes, or delete an existing referral source, click on the “Edit” icon to the right of the referral source.

If you want to view the list of referred patients by a certain Referral Source, click on Referred Patients.

You can also view the number of referred patients. You can also sort the list by referred patients so you know who has referred the most number of patients.

Note: You can adjust the number of referral sources that are displayed per page, by changing the number in the drop down box at the bottom.

View and Export List of Referred Patients

Ability to export a PDF file containing the list of referred patients.

List of Referred Patients – PDF Preview

Import Referral Sources

Ability to import referral sources