How do I resume a note or evaluation I have already started?

Patient Documentation

In Touch EMR allows clinicians to stop and resume the documenation process to fit their busy schedules. Make sure to save all your completed work in each section before you close out of the system, otherwise your information will not be saved when you return to complete the document.

To resume a note or evaluation for a patient, access the Patient Dashboard.

From the dashboard you will find all your incomplete documents under the Documents In Progress section.
Click on Resume to open the incomplete document and finish the documentation process.



A complete list of all Documents In Progress for all your patients can also be quickly located on the main EMR Dashboard.

For more information on what information is available on the main Dashboard, and how to access the main Dashboard, please click here.

You can click on the Document Title to resume the SOAP note still in progress.
You can also click on the Patient’s Name to access the patient dashboard.