How do I modify an existing patient record?

Patient Dashboard

To modify an existing patient record in In Touch EMR, you first need to locate the particular patient’s dashboard.

  1. Essentials; This area includes basic patient demographic information
  2. Segmenation
  3. Addresses
  4. Touch Points; This area includes contact information for the patient. You can also add call reminders to the patient’s touch points (Call Reminders are covered under a seperate subscription)
  5. Designators; This area includes Government issued ID, or any other patient identification
  6. Insurance; You can adjust which insurance profile is Primary (In Touch Biller Pro clients will see their insurance profiles come over automatically from the Biller Pro patient chart)
  7. Alerts; This area allows you to set up Physician Certification alerts, as well as custom alerts that will appear on the dashboard page.
  8. Certification List; This is where we could complete certification and plan of care documents as well as find the list of completed certification and plan of care documents.
  9. Patient Login; This will assign your patient a dedicated login to his/her patient portal
  10. Data Export; Please contact your account manager for exporting capabilities. This will export all documentations related to the patient.

Click here to review how you can locate a patient in EMR.
(This information is also addressed in lecture 26 in the EMR Training Course)


From the Patient Dashboard, you will be able to edit the patient record by clicking on the Edit Patient tab at the top.
Changes can be made to several fields under the Edit tab, including: *If you are an In Touch Biller Pro client please make all changes to the patient record in the Biller Pro Patient Chart*
You can make changes to the patient record, but you will not be able to delete a patient record from the In Touch EMR system. This is to prevent accidental deletion of patient files, as well as comply with Medicare guidelines.