How do I look up an existing referral source in ITE?

Referral Source Locator

To look up an existing referral source (i.e. Physician) in In Touch EMR, go to Referral Sources from the main menu, and click on Referral Source Locator.

The Referral Source Locator page will allow you to:

1. Look up an existing referral source using the search box function
2. List of Referral Resource and contact information.
3. Show details about the referral source and quick access to a list of their referred patients.
4. Clicking “Referred Patient Shows the List of Patients” of each provider
5. Give an overview of the number of referred patients.
6. An excel file and export file provides the lists of referral resource.

You can edit existing referral source information by clicking on ” edit button (pen and paper icon) ” next to the referred patients.

Note: You can adjust the number of referral sources that are viewed per page by changing the option in the drop down menu at the bottom.


Referral source locator tracking

A. Improvement to ‘referral source locator’ which now shows referral sources and corresponding number of referred patients.

Referred Patients List

The ‘Referred Patients List’ is found once clicking the “Referred Patients” link. It shows the list of patients referred by the referral source and the corresponding payer, date of birth and upcoming appointments.

PDF option is available to export referred patients into a printable list.