How do I import my patient data into In Touch EMR?

You can upload multiple patients and their demographic info in a single csv format at one time. Here’s how:

1. Under Patients, go to Import Patient
2. Select “Click to Download a Template” to download a csv format of the file to be uploaded

The first step in transitioning away from your existing systems is to export your patient data in an Excel file from your current system. Most systems allow you to export your patient demographic information in an excel format. If you don’t know how to export your your data in an Excel format, please contact your current software vendor for assistance.

In order to import your patient data into In Touch EMR, you will need your patient data in an Excel format with the following mandatory columns:

First Name
Last Name
Address 1
Home Phone

Note: The import file must match the formatting of the sample file in order for the information to import correctly in In Touch EMR.

Uploading patient data

Once you have completed the .CSV file with all your existing patient data in the correct columns, you will then upload the file to In Touch EMR.

To upload your .CSV file, select “+ Choose” for the file to upload.

A pop up will show that will help you review your patient data.

Tip: Before you upload your data with payer information, make sure that the payer name matches what we have in the system and all your payers are already added in In Touch EMR.

Select the Upload Patient List button to complete the upload.