How do I carry forward information from other notes?

The basic carry forward principle of documenting in In Touch EMR does not support carry forward of info between different note types.

In Touch EMR enabled an added feature to support its users through enabling them nominate a completed document that would be the basis for the current documentation (within the same episode) .

Familiarize yourself with the principles of carry forward and this will aid documenting more efficiently.


Select from a list of completed documents that you would like to carry forward information from.

On all note types you will find a Carry Forward From option. Here, you are able to select a note from a list of completed documents that you would like to use as basis for the current documentation.

Once a note has been selected, select “Carry Forward”.


Select Copy to copy data from the completed note selected.

Important Reminders!

If a DAILY NOTE is selected to carry forward information to an initial evaluation, progress note or re-evaluation; only the objective, assessment and plan sections prefills with data from the Daily Note. The subjective portion of the documentation will remain unchanged with the exception of the goals created directly on the subjective.

If this feature is used on a DISCHARGE NOTE – only goals, the objective and assessment portion carry forwards.