How do I Add a new Patient, and what information is required?

There are several ways to add a new patient :

Automatic Patient Chart – Click here for the tutorial for the automatic patient chart creation –
Registering a new patient

Registering a new patient

The fields marked with asterisk* are mandatory fields

If the system tells you that “The insurance profile is not saved because it already exists.” It means that there is an existing patient with the same payer information.
To search for other patients with the same payer information, use the Search Existing Insurance Profile.

It will provide you a search results of existing insurance profiles, if you wish to use that profile, click on Use Selected Profile.

Uploading a photo on the chart (In Touch Biller Pro)

Move your mouse to crop the photo. Click Save once you are done.

Once the patient chart has been created in In Touch Biller PRO, it will automatically Appear on In Touch EMR

Uploading a photo on the chart (In Touch EMR)

From the patient chart, click on ‘EDIT PATIENT’

Under ‘ESSENTIALS’ go to Patient Profile Image and click on ‘CHOOSE’

If the image was successfully uploaded, you will see a preview of it in the Patient Profile Image. Click on ‘UPDATE’ to save the image.

The image will appear on the patient’s dashboard, once uploaded successfully.