How do I add a new Insurance Company (Payer) to the system? How do I look them up and add them to Connections? (ITE ONLY)

Part of setting up ITE accounts for ITE only users is to add all payers/insurances that are to be associated with their patient profiles in the Insurance section under Administration.

Payer Selector: How to add insurances to your payer matrix?
1. From the Payer Selector (list of insurances), select the payer/s you want to add to your payer list. You can select multiple payers by pressing CTRL. Save the list of payers by selecting the Save button at the bottom of the page. 
2. If the payer is not under the Available list, you can manually add a payer by selecting Add New.
3. Always select Save to save changes.

Add New Payer

NOTE: All fields with asterisk * are mandatory.

Adding Payers to your Clinic’s Payer List

Select a payer from the list. It will be highlighted in blue once selected.

Click on Add to ‘My Payers’

A confirmation box showing that “Selected Insurances are saved” will appear after you click on the “Add to My Payer” button.

My Payers

To view all saved payers for your clinic, click the My Payers Tab.

You have a search field option that allows you to select a specific payer from your list.

You can also edit information about that payer or delete them from your list.

Adding payers in your Connections

To add a new insurance payer to the In Touch EMR System, click on Administration from the main menu and then click Connections.

The Connections tab allows you to add Insurance Companies, as well as any other 3rd party contact that you may need access to within In Touch EMR.

Add a New Insurance or 3rd Party contact

To add a new insurance payer or 3rd party contact, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Fill out all the required information marked with a red asterisk (*) 
Step 2: Once all the required fields are filled out, click “Save”.

Make sure you choose the correct Connection Category; this will help sort your connections when using the Connection Locator and search filter options.

View, Search, Edit/Dete an Existing Insurance Payers

To view or edit an existing insurance payer or 3rd Party contact, click on the “Connection Locator” tab at the top.

The Conncetion Locator allows you to:

  • View existing Insurance payers or 3rd party contacts
  • Search for an insurance payer or 3rd party contacts
  • Edit or delete an insurance payer or 3rd party profile

Note: You can adjust the number of connections that are displayed per page, by using the drop down menu at the bottom.