How do I access the Patient dashboard? What information is available there?

Patient Dashboard

To access the Patient Dashboardclick here to review previous training lectures.

The Patient Dashboard in In Touch EMR acts as the Patient homepage. The dashboard will list limited demographic information, and allow you to Edit the patient record. In Touch EMR also keeps track of physician certifications and will show on the dashboard if a patient is in need of re-certification.

The dashboard has the following tabs:

  1. Edit Patient
  2. Appointments
  3. Uploads
  4. Amendments
  5. Episodes
  6. History

Therapists also start their documentation process from the dashboard; they can Create a Patient Recordresume Documents in Progressand review Completed Documents and Plans of Care.

The Episodes feature allow the therapist to document on mulitple episodes using a single patient chart. You can choose which episode you want to view/document by using the drop down menu.

Patient Dashboard – Edit Patient

1. Essentials – this where you can edit the patient demographics on record.
2. Segmentation – in here, you can add more information about the patient such as but not limited to:


3. Addresses – this is the section where you can find the patient’s addresses. 
4 Touch Points – this section shows the patient contact information.
5. Designators – this section is where you can add a designator.
6. Insurance, this section shows the insurance information the patient is using.
7. Alerts – this section is where you can set up alerts for Physician Prescription, Progress note, Re-evaluation, Custom Alerts and KX Modifier.
8. Certification list – this section is where you can track all documents that need to be certify and were certified by physicians.
9. Patient Log in – this is where you can generate patient portal log in. 
10. Data Export – this section will allow you to export patient data.

Patient Dashboard – Appointment tab

This is where all appointments set for the patient can be accessed.

This shows the list of upcoming, previous, cancelled, rescheduled, no show, in progress, floating and finalized and in review.

In review appointment list shows the servicing provider and rendering provider in addition to date of service and time of submission.

Clicking on any of the following appointment types now results in the appointment listing opening in a new tab, instead of the same page. This applies to the following appointment types:

No Show
In Progress
In Review

Patient Dashboard – Upload

This section is where you can upload and track all documents that were uploaded for the patient.

Patient Dashboard – Amendments

This section will show you the list of notes that were amended.

It has the request date, document name, reason for amendment, amendment text, status and accept/decline date

Patient Dashboard – Episodes

This section will allow you to create a new episode, assign referral source and hide a certain episode if need be.

Patient Dashboard – History

This section show all reported medical history regarding the patient.

Viewing Documents:

On the dashboard, you will have an overview of the following:

  • Documents in Progress
  • Completed Documents
  • Plan of Care
  • Flowsheet
  • Flowsheet Preview
  • Miscellaneous Notes

Note: The Flowsheet Preview provides a quick reference of all prior flowsheets used in the documentation. This allows you to quickly review what was done, and what was billed out for that visit (assuming the clinician did not modify the claim before finalizing the associated note and assuming the flowsheet was tied to the date of service). Please note that the ‘Flowsheet preview’ feature is different from generating flowsheet PDFs for download. The preview simply provides a quick overview of what was done for that visit. If a PDF is needed, you need to generate a PDF from the preview option from the flowsheet tab when documenting which will appear under the Flowsheet section of the Dashboard.

Ability to right click on completed documents and transmit selected documents to a print queue or to patient portal.The print queue is available under ‘edit patient’. It displays several documents in a ‘pending’ mode. Once this documents are printed, a note can be added to each of them (if needed) and they can be moved to the ‘completed’ mode.

When a document is transmitted to the patient portal, it becomes available to the patient when he / she logs into the patient portal with the designated password.

A PDF icon is now available adjacent to the individual flowsheet component previews. Please note that this is separate from the ‘complete flowsheet’ which shows the historical summary of everything done for the patient.

Instant claim information display on patient dashboard

Clicking the ‘dollar’ icon adjacent to the PDF icon on the patient dashboard instantly displays the claim information associated with that document. The date and time the document was finalized is also displayed. The pop up shows all relevant information about the claim including rendering provider NPI, date and time of service, location of service, ICD-10 codes, CPT codes and supporting diagnosis. In addition to the ‘claim summary’ tab, this capability provides immediate insight into all claim information.

Blue dollar icon adjacent to a document in progress when clicked will show you the list of unofficial CPT Codes that were entered in a certain note.

Green dollar icon adjacent to a completed document when clicked, will show you the list of CPT Codes that were billed to the patient/insurance.