How can I enable the force pop up alert for progress notes in EMR?

In Touch EMR Reminder Alert

In Touch EMR now allows you to enable a ‘Force Pop Up Alert’ for progress notes and re-evaluation, so that you and your staff will not forget to create a progress note or re-evaluation for your patients. This is essential for Medicare patients as progress notes are required every 10th visit or every 30 days.

Currently In Touch EMR has a built in reminder alert that pops up to remind you that you have “x” amount of days before a progress note and re-evaluation is due for a specific patient. You and your staff have the option to select “ok” and proceed or “remind me later” to continue with reminder alerts. However, these alerts can be easily missed or forgotten.

Forced Pop Up Alert

To avoid missing the reminder alerts, you now have the option to enable the ‘Forced Pop Up Alert’ which will require you and your staff to finish a progress note before contining on with a patient episode of care.

To enable the Forced Pop Up Alert:

  1. Go To Edit Patient
  2. Alerts
  3. Progress Note or Re-Evaluation

4. Then you want to click “Yes” to enable Force Popup

5. Make sure to hit Save Changes when you are done making changes.

Based on your settings within the Progress Note Alert tab (ie. Progress Note due every “x” visits, or “x” days) will determine when the force popup will occur.

Note: If you have already done a progress note for a patient then this popup will not occur until the next one is due. Also, if you choose to use the Force Popup feature the force function will activate in addition to the normal reminder alerts.

For maximum accuracy, the progress note should be binded to a date of service.

Once it is set up, the progress note alert countdown starts counting down, based on the most recent initial evaluation or the most recent progress note (irrespective of the episode). In other words, it gets reset each time there is a new initial evaluation or a new progress note regardless of episode. Episode specific binding of the progress note alert and reevaluation alert is a planned feature update.

If an initial evaluation / progress note is not binded to an appointment, then the countdown occurs on the basis of the first binded appointment date (this assumes that the countdown is enabled / marked as YES for a certain number of days).

Reminder alerts in addition to Force popup function

As mentioned, the normal reminder alerts will continue to appear and count down for you letting you know you are getting close to a Progress Note being due for a patient. The force function will then kick in when the progress note is due, forcing you to finish a progress note before you will be allowed to continue on.

Progress Note Due

When the Force Popup is enabled, you will see this alert on the screen, forcing you to complete a Progress Note for that patient before you can continue documenting that episode of care.

Progress Note Alert in the Patient Dashboard

Progress Note Alert in Control Center View

Progress Note alert countdown and expired progress note alerts can now be viewed on the control center. A beta release may need improvements in function and is considered a ‘full release’ after 30 days of the update announcement.

To access the Progress Note alert in the Control Center, Go to Dashboard > Control Center > Progress Note Countdown /Expired Progress Note