How can I change my Calendar settings?

Calendar Settings

For clients who are using In Touch EMR alone, or alongside our other billing software, In Touch Biller, you will need to set up your calendar settings within In Touch EMR. 
In Touch Biller Pro clients, for more information on calendar settings that will automatically integrate with your EMR account, please click here .

To set up your Calendar Settings:

Click on Calendar from the main menu
Click on Settings

The available setting options are:

  1. The time of day your clinic will Start
  2. The time of day your clinic will End
  3. Display Intervals for appointment
  4. You can set a Treatment Length
  5. You can set a Default Duration
  6. Set your Time Zone *
  7. Option to Enable and Disable Double Booking
  8. Hide or show Cancelled Appointments
  9. Hide or show No show appointments
  10. Enabe or Disable for Auto Refresh Calendar

*In Touch Biller Pro clients will set the time zone in In Touch Biller Pro

Make sure to hit “Save Settings” when you are done.

You can also create ‘time blocks’ in the calendar. Click on an available time in the calendar > create appointment window > general > choose ‘block’ under appointment category.

In Touch EMR only clients can allow / disable ‘double booking’ of appointments by going to Calendar > Settings.


You can instantly identify the type of document in progress from the appointment pop up screen for documents in progress (light blue appointments on the calendar). The user can determine whether that document is an initial evaluation, reevaluation, daily note, progress note or discharge note with the suffix after the words ‘Open Document’

In a single view, the user can determine the appointment status color (in progress, finalized etc) and appointment type color in the border (payer 1, payer 2, self pay etc)