HealthVault for Patients


Microsoft HealthVault is a trusted place for people to gather, store, use, and share health information online.
You decide who can see, use, add, and share info, and which health apps will have access to your health information.
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You (Powered by Microsoft HealthVault) + Your HealthCareProvider (Powered by In Touch EMR)

In Touch EMR (the software your provider is using) is now integrated with Microsoft HealthVault.
What this means is that you can share your health records with your providers, keep track of progress and co-manage your information in Microsoft HealthVault.

Capture and store your information once, update it as needed and use it again and again.
Never leave your health info stranded in single-purpose websites and apps that other clinics have been using. You can access your information from any Internet connection, using a PC, smartphone, or tablet device.

Get more out of your clinic appointments by bringing important data with you:
• Up-to-date medication and allergy lists
• Recent home health readings (such as blood pressure and weight)
• Your health history
HealthVault helps you store, organize, and give your provider this information!

Be better prepared for an emergency by making your most important health info available for emergency responders.

Get your visit records on request. Your healthcare providers can now transfer your records instantly from In Touch EMR to your Microsoft HealthVault account. You can keep this record in HealthVault, to use and share as needed.



Microsoft HealthVault won’t provide your health information to any other app or service without your permission. You decide who has access to your information.


Getting Started:

Whether you already have an existing Microsoft HealthVault account or is just planning to get started with HealthVault, you can already ask your provider to provide you access to your own Patient Portal. Just ask your provider and it will be in your fingertips in no time.

What does the Patient Portal do?
Patient Portal is an In Touch EMR supplement for patients. You will have the ability to:
1. Schedule appointments with your providers
2. View your previous and upcoming appointments
3. Manage your intake information
4. Exchange information with your provider usign Microsoft HealthVault

Can I share my information from Microsoft HealthVault (for existing users) with my provider
without the Patient Portal?
You would need to have a Patient Portal access before you can link your Microsoft HealthVault account to share with your provider. The Patient Portal will act as a bridge between your provider and your Microsoft HealthVault account.

What are the requirements to get a Patient Portal Login?
Just ask your provider and give them your email address. Your login details will be delivered to your email.


1. Check your email after you requested for a patient portalaccess. The link where you can login, your username andpassword are included in this email.

2. Login to your Patient Portal

3. Select Microsoft HealthVault.

4. Link your Patient Portal with Microsoft HealthVault:

For first time users who have not yet established connection between In Touch EMR and Microsoft Healthvault, click “Click Here”.

a. If you have a Microsoft Outlook account, just sign in with your information.
Note: You would need to sign in using their Microsoft account and password. If you do not have a Miscrosoft Account, you can make an account at or select the ‘Sign up now” link below.

b. If you already have a Microsoft HealthVault account, then click on “Connect to HealthVault” button and fill in the details.

5. An email is sent from In Touch EMR containing the identitycode and procedure to establish link with MicrosoftHealthVault. This email is sent directly to your MicrosoftOutlook email account.

Please follow the instructions below to complete the connection:
1. Visit the link inidicated in the email
2. Follow HealthVault’s instructions to authorize your clinic’s Application.
a. Log into HealthVault
b. Copy and paste in your Identity Code
c. Answer your verification question
d. Select the record you would like to give the provider access to
e. Approve access to your HealthVault record

Completing your information:

6. Once you completed the steps, you will receive an emailfrom HealthVault.

7. Go back to your patient portal and login to HealthVault.

Welcome to Your Microsoft HealthVault Account!

Enter information to your HealthVault account and let your provider know that this has been set up.