Flowsheet Time Verification Feature

What is the Time Verification feature?

The Time Verification feature shows a real-time comparison of the total scheduled time (set time
when scheduling the patient from ITB Pro for integrated clients or within ITE for ITE only clients) and
the treatment time (accumulated duration for all CPT codes) entered in the flowsheet.

How do I enable this feature?

Please contact In Touch EMR Support or your Account Manager to have this feature enabled for your clinic.

This service is absolutely free, all you need to do is to have it activated. Once your Account Manager or member of our support team confirms that this feature is enabled,
your users can now have the option to disable and enable this for their own accounts.

To ensure this is now enabled on your account:

1. In your In Touch EMR account, go to Administration
2. Select Staff
3. Locate your username and click on the action button (it is the pencil icon).
4. Yes is selected to Enable Time Verification
5. Click Update

Can I update the total scheduled and treatment time with this feature?

The appointment duration can be directly adjusted on your flowsheet section. The completed PDF of the note will also show the new appointment times as set by the user.

A pop up will open where you can adjust the Visit Start Time and Visit End Time of the appointment. This is based on the start and end time or the original appointment.

Adjust accordingly and hit save.

The total scheduled time will reflect the new duration of the visit. This will also override the Start and End time of the visit on your Subjective section and will appear on your pdf.

Reminder: This will not automatically update the Visit Start and End Time appearing on the subjective section of the note until the page is refreshed.

Sample PDF

You can also verify which flowsheet/s is the basis for the Total Treatment Time by selecting the edit icon. It will highlight the flowsheet that you need to edit to adjust the duration if needed.