Favorites (formerly Most Used List)

There are certain ICD-10 codes that are most used in a clinic. To make it easy, In In Touch EMR, the system will allow you to save the most used ICD-10 code in a user’s profile.

Accessing the Favorites’ List To access the Favorites’ list, go to the Subjective section of your documentation and click on the ‘Add ICD-10 button. This pop up box will open. The Favorites’ list is the first tab on the pop up box.

All ICD-10 codes that will appear on the Favorites’ tab came from the Global ICD-10 list. To add an ICD-10 code on the ‘Most Used’ list: 1. Click on Global tab. 2. Click on the ‘Star’ icon appearing right next to the ICD-10 code Once you have selected the code, you will get a confirmation pop up message that the ‘ICD ____ successfully added into most used list.

How to Search ICD-10 Code in the Favorites’ section You can search ICD-10 codes that you saved from the Global list to the Favorites section by using: A) ICD-10 Code search box or B) type in the code description in the ‘Description’ box.
Note : To be successful in finding theICD-10 code using the description method, type in short words related to the code.
For example: If you are searching ‘Typhoid fever with heart involvement’ you can type in ‘Typhoid’ and all ICD-10 codes related to typhoid will come up.