Clinical Contact Integration

Step 1: Under Marketing, go to Clinical Contact.

Step 2: Select the add API Key button.

Step 3: Add your Clinical Contact API Key.

Note: You only have to do this once, as long as the API is active then the Clinical Contact is linked to the account.

Step 4: To sync patients from ITE to Clinical Contact, select on the ‘Integrate Contacts with CC’ button. Wait until you get the blue confirmation box. Syncing takes time based on the number of patients in In Touch EMR.

Everytime you added new patients in In Touch EMR and want them to be imported to Clinical Contact, just go to the Clinical Contact page in EMR (screenshot below) and click on ‘Integrate Contacts with CC’ button.

REMEMBER: Only patients with valid mobile numbers will be imported to Clinical Contact.

Login to Clinical Contact > Go to Manage > Select Contact Database

Search for the list named ‘ITE’ from your distribution list.

All the patients from ITE will be imported directly to this list.