Carry Forward Feature

Daily Notes can now be carried forward to all note types. This is a significant enhancement to the carry forward function. This allows you to use the “Carry Forward From” feature from the daily note to evaluations, progress note and discharge note.

To access the Carry forward feature, choose the type of Document you wish to do under DOCUMENT SELECTOR

1. Choose the Daily Note you wish to copy.
2. Click on ‘CARRY FORWARD

Hit COPY to copy the daily note selected.

Carry Forward for New Episode

To find out how to add a new episode, click here.

Once the new episode is created, a new Initial Evaluation will be available in the Drop Down.

After clicking on the ‘Add Initial Evaluation option, this pop up box will appear.

Since this is a new episode, you will be given options to:

Copy Initial Evaluation from the current default episode
Copy data from an existing episode
New Initial Evaluation

Once you have selected your preferred option, click ‘Create’


Improvements to carry forward data during initial evaluation using the ‘copy from another initial evaluation feature’. In the past, when users clicked on the copy button multiple times, the system created multiple instances of an initial evaluation.

Hit COPY to copy the daily note selected.