Can I filter my appointments for a specific provider?


1. To filter the Calendar Appointment per provider, choose the provider’s name under ‘Provide Selection’
2. To filter the appointments by patient, enter the patient name on the ‘Search Patient Appointments’ box then hit the search icon.
3. The default Calendar View is the ‘Week View’. To filter calendar view, toggle between Day, Week and Month. 
4. You can also toggle the Day, Week and Month view by clicking on the arrows left (<) and right (>). This will show you upcoming and previous appointments. 
5. Appointment Status is the dropdown menu that can be used to identify the current status of the patient’s appointment and documentation progress using the color coding system.

New – Blue
Confirmed – Orange
Checked In – Red
Checked Out – Dark Grey
No Show – Yellow
In Progress – Mint
In Review – Maroon/Dark Red
Finalized – Green
Cancel – Grey
Blocked – Purple

You can also filter 
All Initial Evaluations
All Progress notes
All Daily Notes
All Discharge Notes
All Reevaluation Notes

Multi Resource

Users can now see schedules of different clinicians side by side and determine appointment types and certification status at a glance.

You can choose from Either the horizontal or vertical view.

Horizontal view of the Multi Resource calendar

Vertical View of the Multi Resource calendar

The borders around the appointments now signify the appointment type, which can be adjusted to exactly match with types and colors in In Touch Biller Pro.

On the sample screenshot below, the boarders are all in Pink. This was based on the appointment type color coding set up in In Touch Biller Pro.

Drag and drop function, copy appointment function and recurring function are all enabled in the calendar for ITE Only users.

1. From the Calendar (Day, Weekly or Month View), select/drag the appointment that needs to be rescheduled.
2. Bring it to the time and date where you wanted it to be
3. Drop it to the time and date based on the schedule appointed to the patient.

This automatically update the patient appointment.