Appointment Reminders: Patients Summary

You can view an individual patient with active appointment reminders.

1. Go to Appointment Reminders under Marketing
2. Click on the Patients tab
3. Search for the patient using the PATIENT LOCATOR search box.
4. Once the patient record is found, click on the X button to deactivate and 
5. ACTIVATE ALL to activate.

Action buttons:
X – This will deactivate all appointment reminders for the patient

Activate All – If the patient has other touch points but only 1 appointment reminder type active, this action will activate all appointment reminder types for all available touchpoints:

  • Both SMS and phone calls for the phone number
  • Email reminders if the patient has an email address

Edit – The Edit button under SETTINGS column will take you directly to the touch point page to enable you to set appointment reminders manually.

Edit button will take you to this screen:

How to generate Appointment Reminder Reports?

There are 2 ways on how you can generate appointment reminder reports:

1. Enter the Starting Date, the Ending Date and hit Search
2. Enter the Patient name under the Patient Locator

(Note: When doing a Patient Name search under the Patient Locator, wait for the name for populate before hitting the search button. This helps the system’s accuracy when generate the report)

Appointment Reminder – Reports Result View

Expansion of call reminder reporting capability – The addition of a ‘status’ column designates the status of that appointment reminder message (successful / error message). The reminder type displays whether a call was answered (pickup) or went to voicemail. In addition, the status column also displays the duration of the call, whether it was picked up, or if it went to voicemail. Also, the voicemail message is repeated twice to ensure that the patient receives the complete appointment reminder message.

How to check call reminder usage details and disable all appointment reminders?

To check the Call Reminder Usage Details follow these steps:

1. Go to the “Usage Details” tab
2. Enter the Starting Date and the Ending Date
3. Choose from the Daily, Monthly, Yearly to generate the report of the call reminder usage details.

To disable all appointment reminders:

Go to the “Usage Details” tab
Tick the check box next to Disable all appointment reminders.