Accessing and Editing Your Custom Templates

Subjective Tab – Library

To access any Custom Templates you have created, as well as any templates you had asked your In touch EMR Account Manager to import into your library for you, simply click on the Library tab in either the Subjective or the Objective Tab.

Objective Tab – Library

Menu of Custom Templates

For both Subjective and Objective Tabs you will see a menu of Custom Templates that you have created.

You have five options: Edit, Duplicate, Share, Delete, Manage Templates .

Green Edit Button – will take you to the template editing screen where you can make your changes.

Blue Duplicate Button – will duplicate the whole template in its entirety and will allow you to edit it further.

Orange Share Button – which will allow you to share any custom templates that you have created with other providers in your clinic that use In Touch EMR.

Red Delete Button – will delete the Custom template.

Green Manage Templates – will enable you to hide other templates that you no longer need and reactivate them if need be.

Please note that the Edit, Duplicate and Delete buttons will affect the custom templates only for the particular user.

For instance if one user wants to delete a template from their account only they can click the Red Delete Button.

However the other providers in their clinic who also uses In touch EMR will still have access to that template under their own respective usernames.

Clicking a template from the Library will generate the template below and allow you to enter in your documentation.

All of the special sections that you wished to include in this special template as well as any customized questions will appear here.

Dynamic Goal Boxes

Dynamic Goal Boxes will also appear on some of your questions.

So that you can add a Goal from the screen you are in without going to the plan of care.

When you are done, simply click on the Save Now.