A Guide on How to Integrate Therapy Newsletter with In Touch EMR

STEP 1. Log in to your In Touch EMR account and make sure you have added Therapy Newsletter as one of your services.

STEP 2. Edit essentials of patients that will be integrated to Therapy Newsletter.

STEP 2a. Click Update to save changes.

STEP 3. Login to Therapy Newsletter account from In Touch EMR

1. Click Marketing to show dropdown menu.
2. Click to open window for Therapy Newsletter integration.
3. Enter email address/username and password of Therapy Newsletter account.
4. Click login to log in to Therapy Newsletter.

STEP 4. Password for Therapy Newsletter can be modified,

1. You may choose to change the password for Therapy Newsletter.
2. Click modify to change password.

STEP 5. If password has been changed or if there is no need to modify password, click Map Patient Data

1. Click Map Patient Data to start the integration. 
2. Click Yes to confirm integration.

After the above steps have been successfully done, henceforth, all new patients with email addresses and have opted for Therapy Newsletter subscription in In Touch EMR will be automatically added to the contacts list of the associated Therapy Newsletter Account.

If a contact is DELETED in Therapy Newsletter, it will only be unsubscribed in In Touch EMR but not deleted.

If a contact UNSUBSCRIBES in Therapy Newsletter, it will also be unsubscribed in In Touch EMR.