A Detailed Look at the Sub Tabs in the Subjective Section

Default Options in the Subjective Section

The first important thing to note about the Subjective tab is that there are three option tabs at the top:

1. Default
2. Builder
3. Library

The Default tab is the automatic choice.

It populates the default subjective template (which will be covered in detail below).

If you wish to add on to this template, you can create your own questions to add to the default template by clicking on the Builder tab.

Any templates you have edited using the builder can be found in the Library tab.

Ability to add ‘pain scale’ to the subjective component of daily notes. The clinic administrator must go to administration > staff > edit staff (the pencil icon on the right side) locate an option called “Enable pain scale for daily notes?” (this is set as NO for all users.) If the clinic administrator changes this option to ‘YES’ and clicks update, then that user will be able to view / edit the pain scale on all daily notes going forward. The pain scale data entered by the user will appear on the PDF file as well.


I. Subjective > Default Template > Preliminary Details Sample View

II. Subjective > Default Template > Current Status Sample View

III. Subjective > Default Template > Previous Status Sample View

IV. Subjective > Default Template > Pain Scale Sample View

V. Subjective > Default Template > Medical Background Sample View

VI. Subjective > Default Template > Medical History Sample View

VII. Subjective > Default Template > Recommendations Sample View

VIII. Subjective > Default Template > Medications Sample View

IX. Subjective > Default Template > Body Mass Index Sample View

X. Subjective > Default Template > Transfer to HealthVault Sample View